Our Corporate Philosophy

Organic dairy factory Söbbeke feels responsible and obliged towards the environment and fellow human beings and treats them with the greatest respect. All our actions are dedicated to serve the environment and our fellow human beings. Healthy, tasty and sustainably produced organic produce shall be the result of our endeavours.


To us, sustainable economic management means to cooperate and participate in a society, that ensures a permanent development of economic, ecologic and social dimensions of human existence that is fit for the future. In order to achieve this goal, we must recognise the interactions of economic, ecologic and social resources, and coordinate them in a balanced fashion. Our development shall ensure, that future generations alike can cater for their own needs. Key elements of this development are our sustainability-management system and our energy-management system, which assist us in our mission to continuously improve our performances regarding sustainability and energy. We set annual targets for every dimension and ensure the necessary resources needed in order to achieve this goal are provided for. Additionally, the level of achievement is assessed externally.


We are a sustainable managing, growing medium-sized family enterprise. Sovereignty and independence provide us with a high level of entrepreneurial decision autonomy. We make a contribution towards a healthy, delicious and enjoyable diet for humans in a sound environment.

Dignity and Respect

We maintain partnership relationships with our customers, producers and suppliers. 

We respect our employees as complete human beings and appreciate the contribution of every individual towards the common goal of the company. The managerial behaviour as well as the way we treat one another are contingent on trust and respect. For us, open and trustful communication are a matter of course. We aim to get acquainted with the needs and requests of the stakeholders and to illustrate our own views in an active and constructive dialogue. Our planning and decisions are all based on these standards.


Our work is focused on targets and results. Our employees are motivated by performance-related salaries, as well as employee benefits and rewards for outstanding performances.

Solicitude and Responsibility

We care for our employees and promote their careers. We offer solutions for our business partners. Our actions are always in line with the global pact of the United Nations Global Pact and always takes into account the social interests, as well as economic and ecologic factors. Apart from observing prevailing statutory provisions, we also observe the directives of the Bioland (largest organic food association in Germany) , the Naturland (one of the world’s foremost organisation for the promotion of organic agriculture) and the Demeter association (largest certification organisation for biodynamic agriculture).

Honesty and Openness

We are who we are. We are authentic. We produce honest and genuine produce. Our relationship with partners and employees is open and honest,