Our Quality Standards - 100% Söbbeke = 100% Organic

Our quality standards far exceed the guidelines of statute and association. To us, these regulations merely are the beginning and belong to our minimum requirements.

Our products bear the European seal for organic products

All products are supervised by the responsible control stations for organic food. Our plant is frequently inspected by the control station DE-006. The requirements for the seal for organic products reflect our minimum requirements.

Associations of organic producers make the difference

The standards and requirement profiles of the organic producers associations (Bioland, Demeter, Naturland etc.) represent a very distinct level of quality. Here, the huge difference to the EU regulation on organic food and the organic seal approved by the German state stand out. The quality standard is significantly raised above the normal level of standards required. A clear advantage for the customer and the consumer is that a lot of things are not permitted where normally these would be allowed through additional control mechanisms.

The recommendations of the BNN* are binding to us.

We only use fruits, aromatic oils or extracts, such as orange oil or vanilla bean extract, to flavour all our products. Therefore, we already comply with the Klasse 1 of the BNN in regards to flavouring organic products. To us, the residue analysis demanded by the BNN are a standard. We also demand them from our suppliers. Flavours and preservatives have no access to our production.

*BNN = Bundesverband Naturkost Naturwaren (Association of organic processors, wholesalers and retailers which represents the interests of the organic food and natural goods sector on a political and economical level)

GM technology is taboo in our plant

It is prohibited by law for producers of the organic food industry to process genetically manufactured raw materials. That encompasses feeding the cows with GMO free feed, the use of GMO free ingredients in our plant, up to out yogurt and cheese cultures, which of course, are also cultured without genetic engineering. We receive annually updated certificates from our suppliers to guarantee compliance to the GM engineering ban.

100% organic is a promise

We exclusively process organic milk in our plant. This way, we are a 100% organic dairy factory. Additionally, we separate the individual milk varieties with great care and in accordance with the production association.

In the same way that we exclusively use organic milk, we also produce organic products. Thanks to the fact that we only store and process organic raw materials, impurities and cross-contamination are impossible. What sounds like common sense at first glance actually isn’t all that common as many “organic dairy factories” continue to produce conventional products. This way, conventional or ecological raw materials can be confused or contaminated. This likelihood of this happening at our plant is impossible.

100% gently processed

When the highly valuable feedstock milk arrives at our dairy factory, is is processed with great care. To maintain and further improve our quality standards, we take extensive samples all along the entire production process, which are then analysed in our own laboratory. Every day, we analyse 300 samples, which add up to more than 100,000 lab tests a year. Our sample plan records the incoming raw milk and other feedstocks, the current production as well as the analysis of the stored sample of every production at the end of the expiry date. Extensive analysis of independent institutes, where we carry out tests on heavy metals for instance, add to that. The production of organic products is much more difficult than producing conventional products due to the lack of standardisation and the natural fluctuations in organic raw materials. Therefore, the intensive search for the best ingredients from organic farming is a matter of course. The continuous optimisation of the individual processes and of the bottling equipment guarantees the highest level of quality.

We produce without use of additional flavours

100% Söbbeke means 100% free from aromatic substances.

Söbbeke yogurt produced without additional flavours could be found in the Demeter assortment as early as 1998. In 2002, the “Joghurt auf Frucht” came into being as a result of the innovative technology, where the fruit was added to the yogurt separately, thus preserving the full flavour of the fruit. At the end of 2004, a sensation was recorded: The first stirred strawberry yogurt without additional flavours - another milestone in the history of Söbbeke. All our products have been 100% free from additional flavours or aromatics since 2005.